Hey! I'm Deidre but I keep it simple and go by Dee! I'm a designer and artist based in Kansas City.


Since 2010, I've worked for a Nike collegiate licensee, creating graphics for apparel. It's my job to create eye catching art that keeps the fans connected to their school and team. While I really enjoy doing this, it's actually what I do outside of my job that keeps my creative fire burning. It's an amazing feeling when something you've made brightens someone's day, livens up a space, or even motivates another artist to put themselves out there.


I love love LOVE watercolor. Everything about it. I personally even like the "cons" of watercolor. While some folks frown at how unforgiving this medium is, I embrace it. I find it rather exciting to know I only have a few seconds once I lay down the pigment to recreate what I'm picturing in my mind. Sometimes it doesn't turn out how I envision, and other times it turns out even better.  That's the beauty of it.


Typography is something I believe we take for granted. It's so easy to overlook, which is why I've developed a major interest in hand lettering. I study typography, but I create hand lettering. There are endless ways that a single letter can stand and interplay with another letter or design element.


Besides loving art, design, and everything that makes it, I'm a weather obsessed sports nut enjoying an occasional adrenaline rush that comes with snowboarding or a good hike. Basically, I love life and everything it has to offer... including chocolate. Especially dark chocolate.

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