Oh hey, hi, hello! I'm Deidre but I keep it simple and go by Dee! I'm a designer and artist based in the Kansas City area.


Since 2010, I've worked for a Nike licensee, creating graphics for apparel and accessories. It's my job to create eye catching art that keeps the fans connected to their school or team. While I really enjoy doing this, it's actually what I do outside of my job that keeps my creative fire burning. It's an amazing feeling when something you've made brightens someone's day, livens up a space, or even motivates another artist to put themselves out there.


When I'm not painting, drawing, or designing something, you might find me doing a number of things. You might find me staring at the sky because I either missed my calling as a meteorologist or I was taken out by a tornado in a past life. You might find me petting my dog, Charlie, and hear me talking to him like a human because sometimes I think he is one. You might find me telling a really bad joke since I don't mind being the butt of one if it makes people laugh (lol I said butt). You might find me playing any number of sports on any given day or in the gym trying not to be that person mouth-breathing a little too hard. You'll also very likely find me spending time with my partner, because she's just the damn best and I secretly, not so secretly, think she's the coolest person I know.

If you just read all of that, who are you and why haven't you said hi yet!?