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Hello! I'm Deidre, but you probably guessed that given the name of this website...and the header on every single page of it. A not so secret-secret is that I keep it simple and go by Dee. I'm a designer, artist and Creative Director in training. That means I'm technically an "Ass" (Associate). I'm based in the Kansas City area and you'll likely want to pet my dog and/or challenge me in a pun-off by the time you finish reading this.


For 12 years I worked for a Nike licensee, creating graphics for apparel and accessories. It was my job to create eye catching art that keeps the fans connected to their school or team. In early 2022 I made the jump over to to marketing and I'm loving the wide array of work. I've always had an appetite for learning and it's definitely fulfilling that hunger.

When I'm not ideating, designing, or painting something, you might find me doing a number of things. You might find me staring at the sky because I either missed my calling as a meteorologist or I was taken out by a tornado in a past life. You might find me petting my dog, Charlie, and hear me talking to him like a human because sometimes I think he is one. You might find me telling a really bad joke since I don't mind being the butt of one if it makes people laugh (lol, I said butt - there's a theme here). You might find me playing any number of sports on any given day or in the gym trying not to be that person mouth-breathing a little too hard.

If you just read all of that, who are you and why haven't you said hi yet!?



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